For many years, we had owned and operated a business with trucks. Our drivers were constantly going past the recommended mileage for oil changes. Like all small businesses, when we would send our trucks to the lube shop, we were paying for the oil change, the driver’s wages, and taking the truck out of service. This was extremely expensive.

It all started when we, the Rogers family, began to distribute Amsoil synthetic lubricants. One day, a customer came to us and spoke of the awkwardness she felt when she would buy these wonderful products from us, then take them to the local lube shop to have them installed. She said “It feels like going to the grocery store to buy food then taking it to a restaurant and asking them to cook it for me.”

It was then, in December of 2009 Rogers Mobile Lube was born. We saw the need for a better system for small business fleet maintenance. Since then we have developed solutions to the many problems that exist in the oil change service market. In short, we thought we could do things better.

First, we started with the highest quality motor oils we could find, Amsoil. They created synthetic oils for the civilian market in 1972 and outperform all other oils. Because these lubricants are designed for long-life they cost less to use.

Second, we decided that taking our service to our customers, instead of making them come to us, would add a level of convenience that they could not get anywhere else and cut their labor costs. We would also provide service after hours and on weekends to help companies keep their vehicles on the road during profitable business hours.

Third, we designed our own proprietary software to keep track of each vehicle we work on. We are alerted before your vehicle is in need of service at which time we contact you to schedule! Of the services we provide, this is the one that our customers love the most, and it is FREE when we service your fleet.

Fourth, we created our Level-pay Membership program. Our Level-pay members receive any of the services we provide whenever they need it. This means if we notice your transmission fluid is dirty, we change it. If your battery is showing signs of failure we will replace it. If your air filter is dirty, we will put a new one in. All of this and much more is included with your Level-pay Membership!

We help owners and managers breathe easy and focus on their busy lives and businesses while we think about their vehicles.

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